Observances, Monday parade for ADA at 23

The Americans with Disabilities Act is 23 years old, with disabled advocates saying jobs and awareness are their priorities

The Americans with Disabilities Act is the law that gives disabled the same rights as minorities, when it comes to discrimination. 23 years after it was passed, advocates say there's still work to be done.

Nancy Kronen, with ARISE, the Syracuse-area advocacy and support group, says it's not just the disabled who've benefitted: curb cuts help bikers and stroller pushing pedestrians, handicapped parking spaces and other accomodations also help senior citizens.

Major concerns now, are employability of disabled (whose jobless rate is more than double that of the general population), and awareness that there are continuing needs.

On Monday, local advocates plan a show of support, at Syracuse City Hall Commons starting at 9am, with a parade through downtown starting at 10:30.

Oneida's ADA support demonstration is on Friday morning at the Kallet Civic Center.

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