OCC campus peace officers honored for saving retired policemanâ??s life

Members of OCCâ??s Campus Safety and Security team honored for saving the life of a man who was at a conference at SRC Arena

OCCâ??s Campus Safety and Security team does much more than enforce parking and keep the peace at Onondaga Community College: this past year they also saved a life.

Last March, they were called to the SRC Arena, after a man suffered a heart attack while at the IGNITE Catholic Menâ??s Conference. Part of the team called in EMS help, but others responded to the convention site, which has two AEDs, and began using one of the defibrillators while doing CPR.

Officer Jeff Draper told us the whole team gets annual refresher courses from the Red Cross on basic rescue and first aid, with the main point to stay calm as the emergency work is being done.

The man, a retired NYPD officer, survived thanks to the quick initial treatment by the OCC team.

For their efforts, Campus Peace Officers Jeff Draper and Dan Aldrich and Information Aides Josh Cantello and Mary Buchal are honored with the Red Cross Real Heroes 2013 Education Award.

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