OCC named one nationâ??s top military friendly schools

Like a lot of vets, Onondaga Community College student Anthony Brauchle says he had a tough time making the transition from the military to college.

"Being in the military then coming here, it's a whole different environment. Here, kids come in whenever they want, it's a little different. I come to class 10-15 minutes early and people are coming in at the top of the hour or whenever class starts, so it's an adjustment really," Brauchle says.

OCC Veteran Affairs Coordinator Paul Holzwarth says the Veterans Affairs Office at OCC provides veterans with the information and services they need to make their transition to the college a smooth one.

"That's what we do, is give you the space and provide that space for you to come in and make that transition easier," Holzwarth says.

For the second year in a row OCC has been named a military friendly school by "Military Friendly School" by G.I. Jobs Magazine.

Brauchle, who served with the army in Iraq, says the Veterans Affairs Office serves as a home away from home for him and his fellow vets.

"I'm 23 so in some of my classes, the students are a lot younger than me so I'll come here and vent and talk about what's going on in my classes," he says.

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