"Occupy" movement affects local college

The protests on Wall Street and in other large cities across the country have been underway for weeks, and now, students at a local college are joining in the movement.

"Occupy Le Moyne" was held Wednesday in the Le Moyne College Den. About a dozen students and several faculty members chanted and discussed their concerns.

Joe Kral, a senior at Le Moyne, says the group has had several meetings so far, and he would like to see more students get involved.

"We want to have an anti-apathy campaign," says Kral. "We're very concerned with the fact that not only are we paying for our faculty administration's salaries, but we really cannot seem to find information regarding their salaries."

Kral says the students are looking into a partnership with "Occupy Syracuse." Protestors have been on South Salina St. In Syracuse for several weeks. They say hundreds of people have signed a petition in support of the cause.

What do you think of the "Occupy" movement? What do you think of students getting involved? Is there an issue you think needs to be addressed by the government? Post your comments below.