Occupy Syracuse protesters say politicians have no choice but to listen

Sunday marked 99 days that Occupy protesters have set up shop in Perseverance Park on South Salina Street in Syracuse.

And while the day was filled with a potluck dinner and live music, protesters said there's still a lot of work to do in their effort of speaking out against corporate greed.

As the race for President in 2012 takes shape, protesters hope candidates start to incorporate their message on the campaign trail.

While Occupy Syracuse will not endorse any candidate running for President, protesters said it's inevitable that anyone running for elected office will have to start listening to their message.

"I think the real possibility is that people will be afraid not to pick up what we're doing," said Jon Grey, who has been protesting for 97 days in Syracuse. "there are enough people here if we make enough noise politicians will start to be afraid that if they don't pick up on what we're saying and there are this many people saying it...that we won't vote for them."

Grey said he looks forward to another 99 days of protesting and said this movement isn't going away anytime soon.