Occupy Syracuse: We're still alive and protesting

Just a day after their tents were taken down by the city of Syracuse, Occupy Syracuse is joining in a nationwide protest.

Members of the group held a rally at 1pm at the Federal Building in Syracuse. Hundreds of cities across the country had similar protests.

Friday's protest is against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Protestors say the two-year-old decision interprets the word "person" in the constitution to also apply to corporations. They say it gives corporations some constitutional rights which were intended for people, and they're asking for a constitutional amendment to change that.

Several members of Occupy Syracuse are still at Perserverance Park after their tents on South Salina St. were taken down and protestors were arrested early Thursday morning. They are taking shifts and spending 24 hours at the site.

City officials say they asked the protestors to leave after they found numerous fire and safety hazards at their camp, including propane tanks, heaters, and candles. The protestors say they complied with city regulations and asked the city to reconsider.

Occupy Syracuse protestors say their movement is still very much alive and they plan to keep protesting.

What do you think of Occupy Syracuse? Do you think the city was right in asking them to leave? How long do you think they'll continue to protest on South Salina St.? Post your comments below.