Occupy Wall Street protest in CNY

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to central New York. Scott Mcgroty is one of three protestors who have set up a campsite in front of the Chase bank on South Salina Street. Mcgroty says he was unable to join protestors in New York City so when he heard there was a similar protest starting in Syracuse he jumped at the chance.

"We are peacefully trying to show our rights," he says.

Several hundred protestors down in New York City have already been arrested. While the Occupy Syracuse protest is much smaller and much quieter than the one on Wall Street, Mcgroty says he and his fellow protestors are just as fed up with the government.

"Look what's going on around our country we can bail out the corporations but we kick people out of the Senior Center to make it into apartments."

Phil Mickleson came up to syracuse from Cortland to join in the protest. Like a lot of people he says he heard about the protest online. The Occupy Syracuse Facebook Page already has more than six hundred friends and Mickleson says similar protests are starting to spring up in other cities around the world.

"You can go to and see all the cities that these protests are spreading to," he says.