October 2011 weather stats " How did it feel to you?

This past month has some interesting swings in the weather. As you might suspect in the first full month of fall, October had both a summer and winter twinge. Read ahead and then leave a comment at the bottom of this web page and your opinion on our Facebook page here. The official weather data regarding October TMs temperatures and precipitation is in the books. Let TMs break down the numbers from Syracuse Hancock International Airport for the month of October.

If you averaged all of the high and low temperatures and compared them to normal, then October 2011 was above normal. The mean temperature, which is the average of all of the high temperatures and low temperatures from the month, was 52.6. That was 2.0 warmer than normal. The average high temperature was 61.5. The average low temperature was 43.7.

The warmest weather occurred between October 8th and 14th. This included 3 days where the temperatures exceeded 80 (October 8th, 9th, and 10th), giving us what I like to call a autumn version of a heat wave. It also included a 5 days stretch of 70 or higher (October 7th through 11th).

The coldest stretch of weather occurred during the last 5 days of October which saw temperatures average as much as 9 below normal. Readings only reached the 40s four days in a row (October 26th through 29th).

Other temperature notes for July: 12 days had temperatures well above normal. 7 days had temperatures well below normal.

October precipitation was near normal. A look at the raw numbers shows that Syracuse received 3.20 of rain, which was only 0.24 below normal. Snowfall for Syracuse was only a Trace. Normal snowfall for Hancock Airport for every October is 0.4. Many higher elevations just south and southeast of Syracuse received between a Coating to 1-3 of snow from a southern slider system during Thursday October 27th. We were also very fortunate to not get any snow from that major nor TMeaster that produce as much as 10-30 of snow across sections of interior New England, and the mid-Atlantic.How does November look? The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a higher than normal chance for the first for the next 6 to 10 days to up to 14 days of November to be above normal for temperatures. Their forecast, as a whole for the month, describes equal chances for average temperatures and average precipitation.

My 7 day forecast calls for very little precipitation whatsoever between November 1st and 7th. Temperatures during my 7 day forecast will fluctuate some, but will likely average near to slightly above normal.

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