Officer hurt after cruiser was broad-sided by drunk driver in Utica, police say

A Utica Police Officer was hurt when a pick-up truck hit his cruiser broad-side in an intersection Tuesday.

Utica Police say the officer was responding to a call at about 12:05 am and was heading east on Broad Street. The officer had the green light at the intersection with Route 5S and, when he entered the intersection, was broad-sided by a pick-up truck. The impact sent the cruiser into a spin.

The officer was taken to St. Elizabethâ??s Hospital for treatment. Investigators questioned the driver of the pick-up and found that he was inebriated. The investigation showed that 32-year-old Brian Lekki, of Poland, had a blood alcohol content of .15%, according to officers on the scene.

Lekki was charged with two counts of DWI and a passing a red light violation.