Officer involved in shooting on Syracuse's west side

Adam Goodman / Syracuse Police

Police have released the name of a man shot and killed by an officer.

On Thursday night, police were called to 216 Grace Street for a harassment call around 6pm. That's between Delaware and Massena Streets, a few blocks east of Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

Police say Adam Goodman was on the back porch banging on the door. Police arrived on the scene and tried to communicate with him. It was then police say he showed a BB gun that appeared to be a real firearm.

Police Chief Frank Fowler says Goodman yelled something like, "Stop, or I'll shoot you" to the officer. The officer took cover and asked Goodman to drop the weapon but says he didn't. At that point, police opened fire on Goodman. It appears he was shot once, but ten rounds were fired.

Officials say Goodman then barricaded himself at the back porch. He was communicating with police for awhile and then stopped. Police then found out he had died from the gunshot fired by the officer. No police or other people were hurt.

Police say Goodman was a convicted felon and was wanted in connection with a recent burglary. Police say they have not found a reason why Goodman was in the neighborhood, and he may have been trying to break into the home. After searching Goodman's body, police found drugs and a syringe.

The name off the officer who shot Goodman will not be released until Sunday evening. The case will go to a grand jury, which is protocol. Police Chief Frank Fowler said the officer acted appropriately given the circumstances.