Officer involved shooting was justified


Onondaga County Grand Jury has determined the officer involved shooting on December 18 was justified. On December 18th Syracuse police were called to the 600 block of Catherine Street after receiving a call regarding an emotionally disturbed person. According to family members Ralph Ash was acting irrational. When police arrived Ash threatened them with wooden sticks used in marital arts training. Initial reports stated Ash was carrying a sword in or edged object, we now know he was armed with wooden sticks.

Ash then refused to lower the weapons, it was at this time officer Mark Shea discharged a taser but it was in affective. Ash then tired to hit officers Mark Shea and Matthew Liadka, both officers then shot their weapons striking him three times. This was the first time either officer was involved in a shooting. Ash is now recovering at Upstate University Hospital