Officials: Amish girls are home, but suspects still at large

Sheriff Kevin Wells

Investigators are still asking for the publicâ??s help in the case of the two abducted Amish girls, who are now home safely.

Now, they need anyone with information on the suspects to come forward.

There were very few details offered at a news conference Friday afternoon, except to say that suspect information could be released soon based on the interviews with the six and 12-year-old girls who were abducted. Wells says Jeff Stinson, the man who found the girls and drove them home, "did the right thing."

Officials are not releasing specific vehicle description information at this time.

For now, the children are home safely with their families, and St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells says that is a positive result, but that the investigation is far from over.

He also says that the Amish community was hugely helpful during the investigation.

For now, the suspects remain at large, but the Miller girls are home with their family, and community, that never gave up hope.