Officials warn of new synthetic drug â??Crazy Clownâ??

Crazy Clown

Officials in Central New York have issued a warning about a new synthetic drug called "Crazy Clown" after eight people were hospitalized after using the drug in Georgia.

Utica Police say eight people were sent to the hospital after smoking a form of incense or spice Thursday night in Brunswick, Georgia. Seven of the eight people have been released but one person remains in critical condition.

Police say the symptoms linked to "Crazy Clown" include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, weakness, cardiac problems and an inability to move. According to WJBF, three of the teens and young adults hospitalized in Georgia were foaming at the mouth.

Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering told WJBF that officials don't know if Crazy Clown "is illegal or not" since they donâ??t know what chemicals are in the new drug. The Centers for Disease Control is reportedly investigating.

KPHO likens

the drug to "a form of synthetic marijuana" that is "most commonly smoked or burned in a small bowl and inhaled."

Utica Police warn that "smoke shops could be endangering the lives of others by selling this product."

In Central New York, there has been a recent push to toughen penalties and make it easier to prosecute sellers of synthetic drugs. A proposed law would move the responsibility for declaring a substance dangerous and illegal from legislators to the state's health to speed up the process, and keep the laws from falling behind as dealers change labels and contents.

Utica Police ask that anyone who suspects that a store is selling this product or other synthetic drugs call 315-223-3503.