Officials: Watch out for potentially dangerous signal flares on shores of Lake Ontario

Marine signal flare.

If you take walks along Lake Ontario, the Oswego County Fire Coordinator wants to warn you of a possibly hazardous item that could wash ashore.

Authorities say military signal flares can sometimes wash up on the shoreline and wetland areas.

The flares contain an 18.5-inch aluminum cylinder.

â??Spent and live Canadian signal flares that wash up on the shore of Lake Ontario and the associated wetlands are a dangerous material,â?? says Oswego County Fire Coordinator Donald Forbes. â??They have labels warning people to notify the military or police. The flares should be left in place until a knowledgeable, qualified individual can examine and remove the device.â??

The flares are used by the Canadian Navy during training exercises. If you find one, officials say you should leave it alone and call 911.

The flares are aluminum-colored, 18.5-inches long and three inches in diameter. They contain a warning label in English and French that states â??Hazardous Material WARNING Contact Police or Military.â??