On Oneida Lake, waiting for waves and maybe flooding from Sandy

Beach Road in Cicero, on Oneida Lake's south shore, is one area of flooding concern as Sandy gets closer

Oneida Lake is being watched closely for Sandy storm effects with waves expected from 2 to 7 feet. Possible flooding on the south shore is expected, especially in the Brewerton area, and the storm is already affecting some boat and some homeowners.

On Monday afternoon, a Manlius couple was already stranded by the storm. Ted and Betty Stark will ride out the hurricane at the Brewerton Boatyard. They were set to leave for Florida last Friday when they got the word that the NY is lowering Erie Canal levels toward Albany as a flooding precaution. The couple will now stay on their boat, 'Simple Pleasures,' which has extra lines tying it to the dock.

The Stark's boat has a generator, refrigeration, and is fully equipped, even if there's a power outage on shore. Betty says the people at the marina have been very nice and have invited them to a hurricane party. She was not expecting an adventure like Sandy this early in the trip. Ted says they're still going to go to New York City and then down the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida once the storm clears. You can follow along on their blog

East of Brewerton, along Beach Road in Cicero, there are different concerns. Donna Cerio says she's very worried about the winds got and how much flooding they bring to her backyard. She is getting generators, batteries and lights ready and she is set to take care of the dogs.

Cerio expects to be up all night watching the wind and hoping for the best, though she knows we are not getting it anywhere near as bad as along the Jersey shore. Flooding is not uncommon in that neighborhood, but with the winds coming from a different direction (the NorthEast) it could be worse than in 'normal' storms.