On Point for College helping students get higher education

If a college diploma is a goal, On Point for College can help students, especially those who are 'first time' in higher education

On Point for College offers help to would-be college students who need support in reaching their goals.

Ginny Donohue, who oversees the outreach efforts at 15 community centers in Syracuse and another 9 in Utica, says most 'clients' are people who've been out of high school awhile, and often have no one else in their families who've gone to college.

Volunteers help get applications done (including financial support), help with supplies, and in New York, also drive the students to and from campus. Donohue says in the past year, 160 volunteers, many retired teachers, logged 190-thousand miles getting students to and from.

The service is free, to income qualified. On Point for College can be reached at, or by phone at (315) 362-5003 in Syracuse or 731-5875 in Utica.