One boy on a mission to see his dreams come true

One boy on a mission to see his dreams come true, photo courtesy: Nicole Demauro

SYRACUSE, NY -- 12-year-old Joey Abt was hospitalized over Christmas with one wish, to see his favorite artist, Luke Bryan. He got that wish when he got to meet the country start back in February, but his dream list does not stop there.

This summer he has a specific journey. He wants to visit 77 fire departments across Central New York this summer.

Joey's dream is to one day be a firefighter like countless men and women in our community.

On Saturday, Syracuse Station 8 was able to make this happen, as they gave Joey a special tour around the fire house.

Joey was able to do a mock fire drill. He pushed the fire alarm button and gave commands over the speaker about where the crew needs to go to put out a fire.

Then he saw the crew quickly get dressed in their gear, load up the fire truck and pull out of the station as if they were responding to a real fire.

His sister Nicole Demauro said her brother is full of life and has a smile on his face everywhere he goes.

Joey has Down Syndrome. You would never know he's had some tough times, this past Christmas being one of them.

"Last year he was in the hospital for six weeks, to see him like that it was awful," said Demauro.

He has a summer goal, to visit 77 fire departments in Onondaga and Oswego Counties. He has already crossed about 15 off his list, some stations he even visited for a second time.

"He has a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of questions and he really enjoy and it's just great for his family to bring him here," said Richard Buck, Syracuse Fire Station 8 Captain.

On the visit he was the star of the show, making everyone laugh as he learned about different tools they use to put out fires.

"It's got our air hooked up to it, so we got out masks and we got our pack," said one of the firefighters while explaining what an oxygen mask does to help them.

Joey has a packed summer ahead of him, as his next stop is Owasco.

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