One dead after carbon monoxide exposure in Baldwinsville

The scene at 612 Village Boulevard Wednesday morning / photo: Craig McDowell

Baldwinsville Fire officials are investigating a deadly carbon monoxide exposure.

Officials say one man is dead and seven others are injured.

Crews responded to 610 Village Boulevard around 2:30 a.m. after a carbon monoxide detector went off at a nearby condo.

When fire officials investigated, they found a car running inside a condo garage and a man, who was dead. State police say it appears the man committed suicide.

Baldwinsville Fire Chief K.C. Pickard says because of the nature of carbon monoxide, it spread from the garage into other condos, which were connected. Fire crews found toxic levels inside those other homes.

Two people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Officials say the remaining residents refused treatment at the scene and will be evaluated by their family doctors.

Pickard says if it hadn't been for the carbon monoxide detector, those neighbors may not have made it out.

"It probably saved six, seven other people's lives from that one condo," says Pickard. "It just saved seven people's lives, so people should take a hint from this and get this taken care of, and get (carbon monoxide detectors) in their houses."

Pickard says it's against the law to not have a carbon monoxide detector in a home. He says they are affordable and easy to find.