One-on-one with Syracuse Football Head Coach Scott Shafer

Coach Scott Shafer has been on the job three weeks and spent the entire time trying to calm nervous recruits and fill holes in the coaching staff. Last Friday he arrived back in Central New York after a 26 hour cross country trek.

"There are only so many hours in the day and we've had to work hard to get to these kids and help them make their decisions, maybe swing the decision our way," Shafer told Michael Benny. "I think fans of the program will be happy with where we are - especially with the character of the players who come to play for us this year."

Shafer was promoted the head coach after the departure of Doug Marrone who is now head coach of the Buffalo Bills. It has been said about Shafter that he spent his entire life preparing to be a head coach.

"My earliest football memory is probably of being in the car back in northern Ohio with my mom, and coming up on a field and seeing the lights and then hearing the band and seeing the players and my dad walk out on the field," Shafter recalled. His father Ron was a football coach and passed away at the age of 53 after a second heart attack.

"Do you think about your own health, your own heart health as you advance in age," Benny asked. Shafter responded, "I'm 46 years old, and my dad died at 53 so I think it is normal for me to question where I will be when I reach that age. It is not something I focus on as much as I once did."

Shafer's first introduction to the community at-large came during the news conference where he was introduced as the new head coach. During his prepared remarks he used the phrase "hard-nosed" to describe the type of program he wants to run, and also to describe the people of Central New York.

"Hard-nosed people get up in the morning, shovel, they brush their car off to get to work, but they also take in the beauty of every day," Shafer told Benny.

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