Oneida Bay Marina dock stolen for the second year in a row

Update: The dock was located in a neighbor's marina. Click here to read the full update.

Oneida Bay Marina owner Avi Avraham says that for the second year in a row, a 32 foot-long floating section of a dock was stolen out of the water at the marina Saturday night.

Abvraham believes the thief cut it loose, floated it on the lake and had a trailer parked nearby. The thief would have then had to pull the thousand pound dock out of the water.

"I would never have thought in my wildest dream somebody would come in and steal my docks. I mean - that's crazy," said Avraham.

The custom-made floating dock is worth between $4000 and $6000. Avraham and the Onondaga County Sheriff hope the thief caught someone's attention as they pulled it out of the water and drove away.

"I'm hoping that somebody saw that odd haul on the back of a pontoon trailer down the road or a neighbor saw somebody bringing something home that maybe he didn't have last year," said Avraham.

Avraham said the dock that was stolen this weekend is the same size as a dock stolen last year. On Monday, Avraham was upgrading security all around the docks.

Boaters at the marina said they can't believe someone who had the knowledge and equipment necessary to steal the dock would be desperate enough to do it.

"It's ridiculous.I don't know how they could do it," said Jon Davis as he prepared to put his boat in the water. "That would be about the last thing on my mind. A boat maybe but not a boat dock."

Avraham believes that someone must have seen something and he is offering a $300 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff's tip line at 435-3051 or by emailing
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