Oneida calls for volunteers to scare crows

The City of Oneida is known for its clean,well kept streets, but lately some of those streets are anything but clean. Some neighborhoods have become toilets for the thousands of crows that invaded the city this fall. Droppings are everywhere, on sidewalks, outdoor furniture and cars.

"They're just so noisy and then our cars are just covered with...a mess and everyday we have to wash our cars from the crows." said Denise Goodwin.

Oneida is experiencing the same problem seen in recent years in Auburn and Syracuse. Crows are intelligent,social animals who are attracted to the lights, warmth and safety of urban centers where they roost on trees and buildings.

Oneida Mayor Peter Hedglon wants to recruit volunteers to form an anti-crow coalition. They would use non-lethal means including noisemakers and bright lights to shoo the birds out of town. "The goal would be to get the crows to roost someplace other than our downtown or our residential neighborhoods." Hedglon says a similar volunteer program is working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

On December 9th, at 7:00 pm., Mayor Hedglon will oversee a meeting at city hall to enlist volunteers to do battle with the crows.