Oneida County DA refuses to speculate on charges in missing baby case, supports search efforts

Levon Wameling

The Oneida County District Attorney says it is too early to look at potential criminal charges related to the missing baby in Utica. The baby has been missing for approximately three weeks now.

"Weâ??re at the very early stages of the investigation and it would be inappropriate at this point for me to discuss the evidence we discovered or to comment on information that has been made public that ultimately may be utilized by us at a future time," Oneida County D.A. Scott McNamara told the Oneida-Daily Dispatch, and confirmed to CNY Central.

McNamara told CNY Central that his office has not had any significant involvement at this time and the investigation is being handled by police. McNamara said he still hopes 9 month-old Levon Wameling is alive.

"I know people are outraged but we are still looking for a missing child and I think we should be giving this a little more time," McNamara added.

McNamara says it is too early to be looking at criminal charges in this case.

Levon Wameling went missing

on May 29 and the babyâ??s father, 27-year-old Jevon Wameling, only reported him missing last Tuesday, two weeks later. Police say the father claims the baby disappeared from his front porch at 748 Jay Street.

The babyâ??s mother, Amy Warney, who was away when the baby went missing, has asked for the community's help to find her son.

Utica Police, who had previously asked residents not to organize a search for the missing baby, set up a hotline Monday for volunteer want to join an organized search at a later date.

Anyone with any information that may help in the investigation is asked to call Utica Police at 315-735-3301.