Oneida County lawmakers push state to reconsider Common Core

Oneida County lawmakers are pushing the state to reconsider the Common Core.

Several legislators have created a memorializing petition which urges the State Education Department and Board of Regents to withdraw and reconsider the Common Core Curriculum. It also encourages state representatives and Governor Cuomo to support and direct the same. "There is simply too much disagreement and dissatisfaction on the part of parents and teachers regarding Core Curriculum," said Oneida County Legislator David Gordon. "It needs to be thoroughly reviewed and redesigned." "When parents and teachers are extremely upset about such an important process as the education of our children, there needs to be a change," said legislator Frank Tallarino.

The petition focuses on excessive testing, stringently-timed instructional blocks, removal of teacher creativity during instructional periods and excessive stress placed on both students and teachers. It also highlights the process through which the Common Core Curriculum was introduced into school districts. Many districts accepted the Common Core Curriculum as a means to access the funds provided in the Federal "Race to the Top" initiative. The funds are not available to districts that have not implemented the Common Core Curriculum despite the fact that the details of the Common Core Curriculum were relatively unknown at the time the school districts opted to access the funds.

Lawmakers plan to discuss the petition at their next board meeting on Wednesday, November 13 at 2 p.m.

Last week, State Education Commissioner John King told superintendents some standardized tests will be eliminated. The first target will be an 8th grade math test. The Board of Regents is considering eliminating that test and others. Grants will be provided to help school districts reduce local standardized tests.