Oneida County man accused of intending to sell meth, second meth arrest

Wallace James Edick

An Oneida County man, who admitted to manufacturing methamphetamine in 2011, is accused of mixing volatile chemicals in the home he shares with his father.

Wallace James Edick, 43, is charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. He was arraigned in Syracuse Federal Court Monday morning.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, Oneida City Police and State Police raided his home on Vienna Road in Blossvale, just outside Sylvan Beach, on Monday morning after a year and a half long investigation.

Troopers say Edick was arrested in 20011 after another raid at the same address turned up two grams of meth. Edick admitted to making the substance in a soda bottle, and gave the judge the recipe he found on the internet.

Investigators say this repeat arrest is just once part of an epidemic of meth labs they continue to see across Central New York.

Trooper Jack Keller says making meth is incredibly dangerous because it involves mixing many chemicals which an individual may not know how they'll react.

Keller says neighbors in the area were concerned about dangerous chemicals being mixed in their neighborhoods.

"You're looking at possible fires, explosions, certainly this isn't just affecting this household, this residence - it's affecting those neighbors around here with possible dangers," says Keller.

Troopers say that Edick lived with his father but they do not believe he was involved in this incident.

Crews worked into the afternoon processing evidence at the scene and talking to neighbors about anything suspicious they may have seen.

The investigation is continuing.