Oneida County officials support gun ownerâ??s right to privacy

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and Oneida County Court Judge Michael Dwyer announced the countyâ??s position on pistol permit records at a press conference Thursday morning.

"The County supports Judge Dwyerâ??s position that all citizens deserve a right to privacy. Pistol Permit Records should remain private and not be released," said Picente in a media release.

Judge Dwyerâ??s position pertains to any future Freedom of Information Law requests that may be made to request a release of Oneida County records.

Picente and Judge Dwyer say they acknowledge that it is unclear whether a reviewing court will uphold the Countyâ??s blanket denial.

Picente and Judge Dwyer now urge all pistol permit holders to file an "opt-out" form with the Oneida County Pistol Permit Office as a second line of defense.

The New York SAFE Act outlines proper procedure for all permit holders to receive an exemption to keep their records private, says Picente in a media release. The "provision is in place to provide an option for those who feel disclosure of this private information will have an adverse effect on them and their families."

The opt-out form is available at the Pistol Permit Office and through the New York State website.