Oneida Indian Nation rolls out fourth ad pushing NFL to change Washington Redskins' nickname featuring a comment from President Obama

The Oneida Indian Nation continues its push to convince the NFL to change the nickname of the Washington Redskins.

It's released its fourth radio advertisement ahead of The Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys game, scheduled for this Sunday.

The ad will air on the Dallas Cowboy's flagship radio station, KRLD-FM, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

The minute long ad highlights bipartisan opposition to the Redskins' nickname, featuring comments from President Obama and republican congressman Tom Cole.

The Oneidas say they will continue to release ads throughout the NFL season, targeting audiences in Washington, D.C. and wherever the team travels to play road games.

The Oneida Indian Nation rolled out its first ad in early September before Washington hosted the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Oneida Indian Nation says the nickname is a racial slur. It hopes when NFL fans hear the ad being played on their radio stations across the country they will join the effort to change the mascot.

Earlier this week, the Oneidas held a meeting at the same hotel where NFL officials were staying for their annual fall meeting, inviting them to join the conversation.

You may remember, earlier this year the Oneidas were successful in helping the Cooperstown Central School District change its team name from the 'Redskins' to the 'Hawkeyes.'