Oneida Nation offers to help school change mascot name

Oneida Nation's Ray Halbritter says students at Cooperstown Central Schools are 'courageous' for wanting to drop their Redskins mascot name

The Oneida Nation's Ray Halbritter is calling a vote by students at Cooperstown Central Schools 'courageous.' Students in the combined middle and high school voted to drop the 'Redskins' mascot name, saying they find it offensive to American Indians.

Halbritter has sent them a letter, saying the Oneida Nation, whose territory is less than an hour away, would be honored to help the district pay for new sports jerseys, with the new mascot name.

The Cooperstown School Board is still looking for input on a name change, and will make the final decision.

Among suggested alternatives: Deerslayers, Hawkeyes, or Pathfinders.