Oneida neighbors struggling to rebuild

Interiors of Aletae Barker's home in Oneida.

Aletae Barker has lived in her home on East Walnut Street in Oneida for eight years.

Flooding destroyed Barker's home, making it barely livable. More than two months since the flooding, the home still has no running water and barely any electricity.

The little electricity she does have is not enough to power any large appliances, leaving Barker without a refrigerator or freezer.

The flooding left one foot of water on the first floor of her home, completely destroying her kitchen. "We lost the refrigerator, the base cabinets," explained Barker. "All the base cabinets had to go."

There are also holes in her floor, looking straight down into her basement. Barker considers the conditions so unsafe, she is having her two teenage daughters live with friends until the home can be repaired.

Her plumbing consists of a single pipe attached to a hose. "I installed a hose to run into a bucket to draw water for my toilet," said Barker. "That's my entire water system...And then I have to carry it two flights to my upstairs bathroom."

Barker is now waiting for contractors to submit bids to her mortgage company so she can begin rebuilding her home.