Oneida PD: disgusting way to recycle meth

The Oneida City Police Department is on track for a record year for drug busts. Chief David Meeker says his officers have made 50 "drug related" arrests since the beginning of the year. Meeker says by this time last year, there were 36 such arrests.

When asked by CNY Central's Jim Kenyon whether the arrests indicated a growing drug problem or better enforcement, Meeker replied, "I think a little of both."

Narcotics Investigator Mike Burgess displayed some of the drugs seized from some of the busts. They included a foot locker full of marijuana, along with packets of LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, crack and heroin. "We're seeing pretty much every drug you can think of, for whatever reason, right here in Oneida." Burgess said. The department also showed several thousand dollars in cash that was seized from alleged drug dealers.

Chief Meeker said one of the reasons for the increased drug activity is Oneida's location between Syracuse and Utica. He says much of the drug activity comes from those two cities. He also says "once people see that we're making arrests, they want to come forward and give tips that lead to arrests."

Investigator Burgess revealed a new trend among methamphetamine addicts, a method by which they recycle the drug through their urine. "Once they use the methamphetamine they will urinate in a bottle and boil off the liquid ...and come out with 70 percent of their methamphetamine back from their urine." He added, they "will either sell it or re-use it."