Oneida Shores closed to swimming due to high bacteria levels

Oneida Shores County Park is closed to swimming because of high levels of bacteria found in the water.

Coliform bacteria was found in the water, according to the Onondaga County Parks Department. Swimming will not be allowed until bacteria levels return to safe levels.

The County is waiting for test results from water samples that were taken Thursday. If those samples come back as safe, the beach could re-open as soon as Friday afternoon.

The rest of Oneida Shores park remains open.

Coliform bacteria is a sign of increased overall bacteria in the the water, according to officials. It could cause gastrointestinal illness. If you went swimming at Oneida Shores and feel sick, you should call your doctor immediately.

This closure comes on the heels of a nearly week-long closure of the Sylvan Beach and Verona Beach swimming areas last month. Those closures were due to a mass of blue-green algae which had washed up near shore.