Online fundraiser to rid Baby Easton's home of mold

Easton Friedel

An online fundraiser is underway to transform the Weedsport home of Baby Easton Friedel.

Easton was born with a rare skin disease, and his medical plight has been the focus of many CNY Central news reports.

Ride to Give is a charity based in Nyack, New York. It wants to raise $23,500 to provide Easton's family with funds that can be used to dig out around their home and seal the foundation, remove mold from the basement and start them on their way to adding a bedroom or two to their home.

The Ride to Give is a non-profit charity that raises funds for sick children in need. The charity says the play space in the Friedel basement is unusable due to the mold and dampness. That means the family is more confined then they need to be in the upstairs and there is no refuge for the older boys to get away and just be boys. It is also becoming unsafe for Easton to have the mold in the air.