Online petition aims to keep Sound Garden in Syracuse

An online petition was created in an effort to keep The Sound Garden in Syracuseâ??s Armory Square.

The petition statement on reads, "Let Councilor Robinson know that forcing Sound Garden to close robs the city of revenue and jobs and we will not stand for it!"

The petition continues to say, "Syracuse Common council has decided to hold sound garden to the ordinance that is generally used for pawn shops. by doing this Syracuse will lose an Iconic store, that brings people in from all over the county, to spend much needed money in our city."

The Sound Garden is considering moving out of Syracuse because of a new law which would require pawn shops to log items with police and wait days before reselling them.

The store owner says the new regulation would be very costly to their operations and city lawmakers won't exempt the store from the ordinance.

Owner Bryan Burkert says he's looking to move his shop out of the city when the lease expires July 1st. He says he will go month to month with Syracuse until it finds a new home in another city.