Onondaga Central School District beefing up security

The Onondaga Central School District is implementing several new security measures in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Onondaga Central School District is implementing new safety measures in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. The Board of Education addressed many the new safety precautions at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The district is preparing to install a new identification system for visitors entering any of its schools. Visitors will swipe their licenses through a machine that will be able to check their identification. The system will check against the sex offender database, and can be customized with data unique to the district.

Superintendent Joseph Rotella says he hopes the system will be installed within a month. It will cost the district roughly $700 each year.

Measures such as this help parents feel safe sending their children to school, particularly after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. "Ultimately, I sent my child to school on Monday knowing that they were safe," said mom Allison Hourigan. "They were already safe to begin with. It's just, you know, with what happened and the way things are now, it's scary."

The district is also working to make sure every school has a double-door single point of entry, and wants to be mindful that all doors are locked. Security cameras are already in place at the Junior/Senior High School, both inside and outside.

Superintendent Joseph Rotella says some of these measures were already in place before the Newtown shooting, but the tragedy has now put the focus back on security in schools.