Onondaga Co. Changes Tax Search for Police Safety


f you want to challenge your taxes by comparing your tax assessment to your neighbor's properties

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County has just made it more difficult for you.


ntil very recently

, you could search the county's Real Property Tax Services website by typing in a person's name toaccess the public records on a particular parcel of property. But now, you can no longer search the database by name.

According to Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, the request was made by law enforcement. There was a concern about the privacy of law enforcement officials.

Brian Crowley, President of the Onondaga County Deputy Sheriffsâ?? Association added," There have been instances where Deputies and their families have been put in dangerous situation by citizens they have had interactions with in the line of duty. They should be afforded every opportunity to be protected and we applaud County Executive Mahoney for taking this important step."

Syracuse Police Benevolent Association President Jeff Piedmont said of the change, "We appreciate County Executive Mahoneyâ??s quick response to the request. Law enforcement officials put their lives on the line for the protection of our community and it is important that they are not exposed to an unnecessary risk."