Onondaga County Democrats and Republicans in election spat over commercial

If you've watched television recently, you've likely seen the commercials paid for by local Republicans featuring several candidates for Onondaga County Legislature. On Friday, the chair of the County Democratic Committee will call for the commercials to be pulled from the airwaves, charging they are a violation of state election law.

In a prepared news release announcing the action, Democratic Committee Chairman Mark English said, ""This ad, paid for by the Republican Legislator Campaign Committee, demonstrates that tens of thousands of dollars are being poured in to the campaigns of six sitting County Legislators, all running for re-election, in what we believe to be a clear violation of election law. Our candidates have taken time and effort to comply with the election law. They are all challengers without access to these great sums of money being poured into their Republican opponents' campaigns. The democratic process requires both sides to fully comply with the law. It seems that Democrats are the only side doing so in this election."

English says he has filed a formal complaint with the New York State Board of Elections outlining what he claims are the specific violations of election law in the commercial.

Onondaga County Republican Chairman Tom Dadey says, "We didn't do anything wrong." "We've been successful at fundraising and we wanted to do a team campaign. Every nickel we raised, was from people who want to see Republicans elected for those races. We file our reports with the state, just as mandated," Dadey insisted.