Onondaga County plans to cut down 44,000 ash trees to stop spread of emerald ash borer

A proposal is on the table for Onondaga County to cut down about 44,000 ash trees on county land in an attempt to stop the destructive emerald ash borer over the next decade.

The number represents about 95 percent of all ash trees on county land, while the leftovers will be saved. The county says they will replace about 10 percent of the trees cut down over the same ten year period.

The emerald ash borer was found in DeWitt and Syracuse in the past year, and has caused much concern over the spread of the little green pest.

Recently, Syracuse announced that it was going to treat 1,800 ash trees on city streets to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer. A chemical called â??Treeageâ?? was pumped into the treeâ??s vascular system.

For this proposal to move forward, it needs to go through to committees next week and be voted on by the county legislature on July 1st.