Onondaga County releases top ten most wanted list

Frank Odjick

Onondaga County has released its list of the Top Ten Most Wanted criminals. The list is comprised of men of all different ages, and the suspects are facing various charges, including assault, criminal possession of a weapon and drug possession.

Some are thought to be armed and considered dangerous. All have one thing in common, they've managed to evade police. Now, authorities need your help to get them into police custody. "What we're looking for is the public's help. These people that we're looking for, they've kind of fallen off the radar," said Joseph Ciciarelli of the U.S. Marshals Regional Fugitive Task Force. "The people that are put on this list are put on because of their charges and the background, the criminal backgrounds that they have. So it's imperative that we try to take them off the street," Ciciarelli said.

This program is very successful. There was an 80% success rate last year, with just two fugitives still at large. And it's been 90% successful in years past.

Onondaga County's 2009 Ten Most Wanted (the following information was released at Monday's news conference):

1. Frank Odjick : Wanted for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Odjick was part of a marijuana distribution operation involving the sale of hundreds of pounds of marijuana. The operation stretched from Canadian Indian Reservations to Syracuse and the Onondaga Nation.

2. Luis Rivera Cantero: Wanted for criminal possession of a controlled substance 3rd. Cantero was accused of possessing over two ounces of cocaine that was hidden on his person. The cocaine was located after Cantero was searched incident to his arrest for unlawful possession of marijuana.

3. Rodolfo Pizzaro-Cirino: wanted for failure to register as a sex offender. Pizzaro-Cirino was on the 2004 Top Ten for a rape 1st. He was previously incarcerated in Massachusetts on drug charges and for not registering. He has not registered a legitimate address in either state. Caution resist arrest.

4. Mario Coffee: Wanted for cpcs 3rd and violation of parole. Coffee is accused of selling heroin near an elementary school in the city of Syracuse while being on parole for cpcs 3rd. Coffee has numerous prior drug arrests. Caution- resists arrest.

5. Maurice Russell: Wanted for criminal mischief and as a parole absconder. Russell went on a rampage at an apartment complex damaging the property, including numerous windows. At the time Russell was on parole for cpcs 3rd. Russell is considered armed, dangerous and resist arrest.

6. Cortney Tooson: Wanted for assault 2nd. Tooson is accused of assaulting a bar manager at a downtown restaurant with a pair of brass knuckles after being told the bar was closing. The victim sustained serious injuries as a result of this unprovoked attack. Tooson is a violent felony offender. He should be considered armed and dangerous. He is also wanted for harassment, cpcs 7th, petit larceny & agg. Unlic operation 3rd.

7. Marvin Artis: wanted for criminal possession of a weapon 2nd. Artis was in possession of a loaded handgun in his waistband after being involved in a fight on a city street in the early morning hours. Artis is a known drug user and is considered armed and dangerous.

8. Brian K. Jones: Wanted for violation of federal supervised release. Jones was convicted in federal court of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in 2003. He has not complied with the terms of his release.

9. Troy Jackson: Wanted for violation of federal supervised release. Jackson has been involved in drive by shootings and drug trafficking in the city of Syracuse. Jackson is a known gang member and is considered armed and dangerous.

10. Ivan Perez: Wanted for criminal possession of stolen property/ firearm. Perez was found in possession of a stolen handgun when detectives executed a search warrant at his residence for narcotics. Perez is considered armed and dangerous.

If you know the whereabouts of any of the Ten Most Wanted or have information that could help police, call the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department at 435-3032, Syracuse Police at 442-5230 or USMS NY/NY Regional Fugitive Task Force at 473-7625.