Onondaga County Sheriff identifies deputies involved in Town of Onondaga shooting

Three days after an officer involved shooting on Onondaga Hill, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office is releasing the names of the deputies involved.

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh says Deputy Daniel Butler, 31, responded to a possible domestic violence call at 5006 Aitchison Road Tuesday evening. When he arrived at the address, he approached 57-year-old Michael Sica, who was sitting in a car in the driveway.

The sheriff says Butler called for backup when Sica left the vehicle and pointed a handgun in his face. While Butler waited for backup to arrive, Sica ran inside the garage.

Sergeant Stan Rahrle, 49, and Deputy Michael Poindexter, 29, arrived on the scene and that's when the sheriff says Sica fired a shot from inside the garage.

According to Walsh, Sergeant Rahrle and Deputy Poindexter ran inside the garage after the gunshot, thinking Sica had committed suicide.

When the deputies entered the garage, Walsh says they saw Sica sitting in a chair. Sica then pointed a gun at the deputies, and the sheriff says both Sergeant Rahrle and Deputy Poindexter shot at Sica.

Sica was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sergeant Rahrle is a 20-year veteran with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office. Deputies Butler and Poindexter have each served five years.

Walsh announced on Wednesday that the deputies are on administrative leave and met with counselors Tuesday night.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the incident.

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