Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputy involved in an accident in Syracuse

Onondaga County Sheriff's Dept Investigators at scene on Ridgeway Ave.

Syracuse Police are investigating an accident involving an Onondaga County Sheriff's deputy that occurred early Tuesday afternoon.

Detective Terrence Fisher was chasing Rotimi Nibbs, a man wanted by police in connection with a recent burglary. Fisher was chasing Nibbs near the intersection of Beattie Street and Ridgeway on Syracuse's east side when another detective's car ran into him.

Fisher was knocked down, but got back up and was able to finish the chase. He eventually used his Tazor on Nibbs and Nibbs was taken into custody.

Fisher was taken to the hospital after the arrest for minor injuries and was released.

Detectives charged Nibbs with burglary and criminal mischief among other charges for a recent burglary of a home in the Town of Onondaga. He is also charged with resisting arrest and reckless driving.

Later Tuesday evening, detectives also charged Cassius Gilreath, who is accused of being the second suspect responsible for last week's burglary.