Onondaga County to start paving downtown Syracuse streets this summer

Onondaga County will start paving some downtown Syracuse streets this summer.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney offered to pave downtown streets that are plagued by potholes. "Downtown is the economic hub of this whole region," Mahoney said. "We're all in this together. And can we this year fold these roads into our system without asking for anymore tax dollars and try to improve things and we can do it. I've offered that to the mayor and she has taken us up on our offer."

The county will use its own personnel and equipment to pave several deteriorating streets and will not ask county taxpayers for more money to pave them.

"The City of Syracuse welcomes the support of County government in making infrastructure improvements that Downtown Syracuse needs," said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. "I appreciate the contributions of anyone who is willing to participate in a conversation about infrastructure in our community; this is why I have and will continue to advocate for the city's needs on the local, state, and federal levels."

The county will pave five miles of downtown city streets including Clinton, Salina, Warren and State Streets along with Fayette, Harrison, Adams, West Onondaga and the downtown section of Erie Boulevard.