Onondaga Lake concert pavilion to have "really cool" design

Ampitheater project rendering at Asser Levy Park in New York City

The initial rendering of what the concert pavilion set to be built on the western shore of Onondaga Lake may look like is just that: initial. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney told CBS 5's Michael Benny, "We're going to have a national competition. We want architects from all over the country in on this." "We want something really cool," Mahoney said during The Talk Tonight on CBS 5 News.

The plan involves

$100 million dollars in new investment

in Solvay and Geddes. That includes $50 million for the construction of a "Lakehouse Concert Pavilion" Performance Arts Center. It would be located across from the New York State Fairgrounds in the Village of Solvay. The indoor pavilion would seat up to 7,500 people and include a lawn area located on a former landfill overlooking the lake.

What do you think it should look like? Do you know of a pavilion that has a cool design? Leave a comment below.