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      Onondaga Lake dredging and cleanup restarts Thursday

      A cleanup barge on Onondaga Lake

      Dredging to remove pollutants from Onondaga Lake is expected to resume three weeks after complaints of foul odors shut down the project.

      The Syracuse Post-Standard reports the work is set to begin again Thursday after contractor Honeywell International added filters and equipment covers it expects will eliminate or reduce the problem at a treatment site in the Syracuse suburb of Camillus.

      A mix of water and sediment is piped four miles from the lake to Camillus, where neighbors reported chemical odors after the cleanup began in July. Honeywell acknowledged they were a nuisance, but said they weren't a health threat.

      Decades of waste dumping by industries surrounding the lake poured mercury and other metals along with solvents and PCBs into the water.