Onondaga Lake history documentary in the works

Salt workers among those being profiled in a new documentary on Onondaga Lake. They were considered so vital, they were exempted from Civil War military duties

The Onondaga Historical Association is backing a new film on the history of Onondaga Lake, due out later this year.

Writer/director Mark Eischen says it will concentrate on the history, and he hopes it will restore respect for, and to, the waters that seem to be in the news more for their pollution than their significance to the many communities are influenced by it.

Eischen says OHA has opened its photo archives to the production, which includes a look at the Civil War-era saltmakers, who were granted exemptions from military service because salt was so vital to preserving the food that fed the Union troops.

The film also takes a look at the 'amusement park era' along the lakeshore.

To take a look at the trailer, click the OHA website.

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