Onondaga Nation launching 'Honor the Two Row Wampum' campaign

The Two Row Wampum is the Haudenosaunee record of a 400 year old treaty with the Dutch, considered the first treaty between Native Americans and Europeans

The Onondaga Nation and the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON) plan a Monday night event to launch a year-long campaign, reminding of the first treaty between Indigenous Peoples and European settlers.

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign is beginning with a presentation at Syracuse Stage on Monday evening at 7, free and open to the public.

SUNY-ESF Professor Jack Manno, a member of NOON who's taken a leave of absence to coordinate the campaign, says it's drawing attention from indigenous groups across the country already. The treaty was made in the 1600s with Dutch traders.

The Onondagas tell the story that it was also written on paper--which has been lost--but the wampum record endures. (click the website above for details on the treaty)

The highlight of the awareness campaign is expected to come later this year with a Hudson River paddle ride from Albany to the UN in New York City.