Onondaga neighbors voice concerns about hydrofracking

Nearly 50 people came out to Onondaga Town Hall on Monday night for a special meeting about hydrofracking.

A special meeting at Onondaga Town Hall on Monday night gave neighbors a chance to voice concerns about allowing hydrofracking in the town.

There is currently a moratorium on the controversial drilling practice, but the town council will vote to allow or prohibit fracking before the moratorium expires. They will make that decision on December 3rd.

Of the nearly 30 people who spoke at the meeting, only one was in favor of hydrofracking, seeing no problems with it. "I have never read a report that hydrofracking has done anything that's harming people," said Ronald Winters.

Everyone else who spoke, however, has problems with hydrofracking. "I think we are jeopardizing our health if we allow fracking to go through because there's too many carcinogenic chemicals that are used," said Anita Williams, President of the Otisco Lake Preservation Association.

Another neighbor voiced concern over the long-term effects of hydrofracking. "What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children or grandchildren?" said Cheryl Wilson. "Where are they going to live when the gas runs out? Then what are we going to do?"

The council says these concerns are important to consider as they make a decision. "The decision that is made will impact the community for many, many years," said Onondaga Town Supervisor Tom Andino. "And it is very important when you do something that you do this and give the residents their voice."

The council is accepting written documents about the issue for the next 30 days. They will take everything into consideration before announcing their decision on December 3rd.