Onondaga woman who faked cancer gets probation

Brigid Corcoran / File photo

A Town of Onondaga woman accused of faking a cancer diagnosis so she could make money from a benefit will spend the next 5 years on probation.

31-year-old Brigid Corcoran, of St. John Drive, appeared in Onondaga County Court Friday morning. She brought along two checks for restitution.

Corcoran told people she had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and then pocketed thousands of dollars from a benefit that was supposed to be used to pay for her medical bills. Corcoran even went as far as to shave her head and wear a device on her chest so she looked like she was undergoing chemotherapy.

About 100 people showed up at the benefit last July, some who didn't even know her. Deputies say a concerned relative finally tipped them off to the scam. When detectives started investigating, they found no physical evidence of her being treated for cancer and no medical evidence to support it. Corcoran eventually confessed that she made up the whole story, saying it was all done for attention.

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