Orange fans react to Hopkins' shocking announcement

SYRACUSE, NY -- It has been a wild day in the world of the Syracuse Men's Basketball team.

"Kind of shocking news, wasn't expecting it at all," said Nicholas McGowan, a student at Syracuse University.

"I was a little surprised because I remember Coach Boeheim chose him to be his successor," said Tom Vielkind, a freshman at SU.

Shocked is what many orange fans are feeling after hearing assistant coach Mike Hopkins will be trading in the orange and blue for purple and gold.

Cole Murphy a Student at Syracuse University said it is sad to see Hopkins go, but he thinks this is a good move for the coach.

"I think it was a good move for Washington I think he was obviously a very good coach we would have liked to have him here but hopefully we can find someone to replace him," said Murphy.

Many fans we spoke with said they're now concerned for the team's future because they had confidence that Hopkins would take over once Boeheim retires.

"They key thing now is to just find someone who can coach the team when Jim's gone and just bringing in really good players both graduates and high school students so we will see how the team goes, I'm a little worried about it but can only put out faith in the university," added McGowan.

As the orange is saying goodbye to a legacy, SU fans can still count on a familiar face to coach the team for at least a couple of years.

Boeheim's contract has been extended past next season, but no time frame was given.

That means we could see Boeheim for two more years or maybe even five. We simply do not know at this time.

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