Orange March into Madness behind the scenes: Matt's Memo

MIchael Benny, Matt Mulcahy and Brent Axe preview Syracuse v. Michigan in the Final Four.

The aroma of freshly deep fried crisp hot chicken wings wafted toward our live broadcast location as we went on the air this evening with our Final Four preview. It was enough to make my mouth water. A glance over toward the bar and friends were laughing and smiling as they poured an icy cold pitcher of beer. It was not easy to focus on work tonight.

We managed. After all it was a light hearted fun broadcast from Rosie's Sports Pub and Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. Everyone was sporting orange as we looked ahead toward the Final Four matchup with Michigan.

These once a decade games bring tremendous life to the Central New York region. Coach Boeheim's team really is Upstate New York's favorite college team, not to mention a strong foothold downstate too.

Michael Benny, Tom Eschen, Brent Axe and me talked about the team's prospects and the various story lines. Niko Tamurian and Alex Dunbar joined us from Atlanta. Our team of producers and behind the scenes professionals turned out a nice looking and informative broadcast.

We're all set for tomorrow night too. Let's hope there is a big party to enjoy after a Syracuse win.


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