Orange merchandise sales impacted by SU scandal?

The investigation into Bernie Fine may be impacting sales of orange gear at local stores. Boardwalk Sports in Cicero is stocked with SU gear, and says sales slowed drastically the day after former Assistant Basketball Coach Bernie Fine was fired.

The good news is, since then, business has been steadily improving. Game days like today, when SU will take on Florida are especially busy for the store. Owners hope the increase in business is a sign that fans are rallying behind the team, and the players.

"Sales have been steadily increasing and some of that is because of the start of the season, we're getting into the big games like tonight with Florida," said Co-Owner of Boardwalk Sports in Cicero. "I think since everyone is talking about this (the alleged sexual abuse), there is certainly more of a want and devotion to support the players."

Penn State retailers are reporting a drastic drop in sales after the sex scandal rocked that university.

Some stores say sales dropped 40% after former Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested on sexual abuse charges.