Organic milk is more popular than ever, but should you buy it?

When Sharon Vazquez shops for her families groceries she doesn't look for an organic version of everything on the list but she always gets organic milk.

"You want the least processed and healthiest for your family," said Vazquez.

Across the country, organic milk is in high demand and shoppers are willing to pay more to know how their milk was processed.

"Especially when they're drinking up to a gallon every day," said Maria Keegan as she shopped with her two children.

Demand for organic milk has been growing for the past few years but over the last 12 months it has gone up by 16%

Some stores in the south have warned shoppers that there may not be enough supply to meet demand right now. That doesn't seem to be a problem in Central New York which is home to several organic dairies. At Wegmans in DeWitt, there was plenty of organic milk in the cooler on Friday.

There are several organic dairy farms in Central New York. Greyrock Farm in Cazenovia is small but has added eight dairy cows in the past year to meet increased demand for their raw milk sold on site.

"They produce a little bit less milk but I think it's a higher quality milk. The cows last longer that way - their system isn't stressed to produce so much milk," said Matt Volz from Greyrock Farms.

Greyrock's raw milk is available just hours after the cows are milked. The farm is small enough that the cows can graze in the fields - and Volz wants to keep the cattle herd small enough so each cow will have plenty of space.

Many organic farmers say they need to get higher prices for their milk in order to maintain their operations and meet the demand. The price for organic milk can vary from store to store.

The average price for a half gallon of organic milk is approximately $3.91. That's about 51% higher than the $2.37 average cost of a half gallon of regular milk.